Upstate Psychotherapy

You don’t have to suffer in isolation. Let’s work together on your journey toward well-being.

No one has to experience depression, anxiety or interpersonal stress alone.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. 
​-Viktor Frankel, 1946

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be a vital and healing pathway of change when a working alliance with the therapist is developed. If desired, our work together can incorporate your support system to provide a holistic view of the challenges you are facing. Conjoint therapy, as an option, can provide additional momentum plus the relief gleaned from a kaleidoscopic view of oneself. 

Couples Therapy

Couples struggling to communicate can often feel stuck at multiple impasses. By creating a safe therapeutic environment, I add the objectivity couples need to restore an open, loving, communal bond.  

Philosophy of therapy

Multiple symptoms lead individuals to seek help and resolve their distress. I want to help my clients examine and recognize these symptoms. Understanding how things like anxiety, grief, trauma, and depression can impact and impede relationships is the foundation for change.  

I believe how we relate to others is at the core of how we feel. Our early childhood relationships coupled with our current ones have a significant impact on how we move through the world and handle stress. 

Exploring how we are feeling and relating to the people in our lives provides important clues about how we can transform ourselves. Ultimately, change begins by summoning the courage to do something different. I use a combination of psychodynamic interpersonal practice coupled with cognitive therapy to help you grow and cultivate deeper self-awareness. The strength to achieve goals is then actualized to create meaningful change.  I provide a trusting, objective relationship that sets the stage for deep changes in oneself and one’s relationships.  

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